Thank you. 1. So simple huh!….and so delicious! Is it on the bottom, in the center? I decided to make this for the third time. If so, how long do you suggest? Spoon into a 7x11 inch casserole dish. I’d love to know what baking sheet you use; I’m looking for a new one. Thanks for sharing your great review Amy! Natasha, thanks again for another yummy tummy dish! I think the next recipe I will try is the lasagna. Welcome to my bog and I hope you love the recipe!! That sounds delicious Nanci! I am making it again tonight and was wondering if I could cut up a small yellow squash to also add to it . I didn’t have a garlic press, so I learned how to press garlic (using some kosher salt). I would have sent her to you, but she no longer cooks. I’m so glad you enjoyed this recipe, Melanie! Came out perfectly! I had sauerkraut, corn and cucumber salad for sides. I love how the outside is harder and inside is perfectly cooked. These roasted potatoes are ultra crispy and flavorful with a perfect browning on the coins of kielbasa. Otherwise it was delicious. My pleasure Diana! (my fault, not yours). As a young bachelor I love single pan recipes that are easy to prep a lot of for future meals! Or would it make a big difference? Just tried it and it’s really delicious. THANKS NATASHA FAITHFUL FOLLOWER. I used Russet potatoes instead of Baby Reds. Thanks again. Awesome, I’m happy to hear that Inga! This looks like a main dish my family would love! 123.1 g Can’t wait to make these ! I LOVED YOUR RECIPE SO MUCH AND THANK YOU FOR INTRODUCING IT. With the busy holiday season fast approaching, it really is nice to have easy, healthy dinner options. Boil Kielbasa for 10 minutes. Luckily, I found your recipe and it looks great…Thanks! Can Lipton Onion Soup be added to the potatoes to give them a bit of a kick? Thank you for the wonderful review! You don’t want to put all of them in a 9×13 pan since they need to be in a single layer. Hi Lily, You would need two 9×13 pans for this recipe. Whole fam enjoyed it. Also added Clubhouse brand Montreal steak spice, plus Clubhouse brand roasted garlic & peppers, plus sea salt and ground black pepper. 2. I am cooking this tonight. My favorite meals are when prep time is way shorter than cook time. . In a pot that will comfortably hold all ingredients, brown sausage (1 inch pieces or smaller) with chopped onion. Thanks for sharing your excellent experience with this recipe, I hope you and your family will enjoy every recipe that you will try. I will also use regular salt instead of Mrs. How To Make Sausage Kielbasa Cheesy Potato Casserole Preheat oven to 350° and lightly spray a 13 x 9 baking dish or a 3 quart baking dish with non stick cooking spray. It’s actually my Mom’s since we’re living here. I’m happy to hear your family enjoys the recipe as much as mine does! We absolutely loved this. Maybe update the recipe to be a but more vague (eg 1 per person if large, 2 if small) since 3 pounds for 4 servings is a lot o’ spuds. I was a little worried about my polish kielbasa over cooking so that will be added about 1/2 way thru. You mentioned that it could be served as a starter with a dipping sauce. Thanks for great recipe Natasha :). I’m making this for the second time. Growing up, we had Polish sausage and fried potato… As with any first time recipe watch your cook time because ovens vary in temperature. I am “hooked” on your website or should I say addicted…it is WONDERFUL and I just turned a friend of mine to it . Stir in brown sugar mixture; bring to a boil. Thank you for sharing that lovely review with me! I’m so glad you enjoyed this recipe! Also I agree with another comment, it is 75% potato, 25% meat. Thank you so much for your kind words and compliment. Some green would be nice. Good for adults and a 3 year old. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thanks for the wonderful recipes. Serve these Air Fryer Kielbasa and Potatoes up with some crusty bread and butter, a side salad, or vegetable, and you’ve got a great balanced meal that will have them coming back for seconds. I find when using precooked Kielbasa, the meat burns and also becomes to tough to eat from being over cooked. Advertisement. That’s so great Charles!! So very good and easy…has become one of our repeat dinners, love your recipes! Thanks Natasha! What a waste of food. Great recipe that is so easy to make. I had about half of the potatoes I needed and went scrambling in the fridge and freezer for other vegetables, I used carrots and cut them into 1/4 thick slices, I dislike Brussel sprouts, but found cooked this method, they are delicious. This was marvelous, and so easy to make. Good addition. I typically weigh my food and weighed 3 pounds of potatoes and stopped cutting with quite a few still left because it was way too much, especially cutting so much smaller than the meat. Hashtag them #natashaskitchen. , Hi again, I just sliced the uncooked kielbasa and put it in the pan. Thank you for the nice compliment! There’s only me to cook for so I like recipes that will be easy on the leftover circuit. Easy as can be and it was so good. Mix … We liked the recipe enough to try it again but are putting the kielbasa in later in the timer. I’m glad you enjoy the recipe, thanks for sharing your great review with other readers! In a pot that will comfortably hold all ingredients, brown sausage (1 inch pieces or smaller) with chopped onion. Hi Carol, I think that would work to do it that way. I’m so happy you enjoyed this recipe! Oh no! lol. I will be making it again soon. Hope that helps! apple juice, kielbasa, potatoes, onion, sauerkraut, carrots, brown sugar Slow Cooked Sausage, Sauerkraut, and Potatoes Lynn's Kitchen Adventures It was fantastic! Hi Carol, I’m not sure I understand your comment completely – what do you mean by “prebuilt”? That’s so great! Was it possible chopped too thin? This was easy and delicious! See more ideas about cooking recipes, smoked sausage recipes, sausage recipes. Slice Kielbasa into 3/4" thick rings. I made this tonight exactly like the recipe was written. Thank you so much for sharing that with me :). I hope you love it the second time around! Cut potatoes into rings no larger than 1/2" thick. Hi Sue, I’m sorry to hear that. This is my first time to your blog, but I’m certain to be back! Also, make sure you are using regular bake mode and not convection. I had the same issue, but otherwise this recipe is very tasty. You are so nice! Slice Kielbasa into 3/4" thick rings. I made sure to cut my kielbasa a full 3/4″ thick and they turned out perfect. I have been playing with this recipe for the last three days. Will give this a try over the weekend, using baby reds and Hillshire Farm Polska Kielbasa One question: What would you pair this with for a dinner idea? It’s simple, budget friendly comfort food, and it’s an incredibly easy recipe to make. Add parsley, 2 pressed garlic cloves, 1 tsp salt, 2 Tbsp olive oil and toss to combine. I’m so happy you enjoyed this recipe! I had Costco hot dog sausages left since the 4th of July, so finally I found a purpose for them! Man could that woman cook! I had some eggplants that were too small from my garden.. and added it to this recipe. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Glad to hear you enjoyed the recipe Karen . Very nice, hearty and filling. I do scrub them and make sure they’re clean so I’m not sure what’s causing such a bitter taste in some of them. Cover and cook on LOW for 7 to 9 hours, or HIGH for 3 to 4 hours. Haha) thank you! I looked at ur recipe on FB every single one….An I really really love all the recipes…..try some an was very very successful some came out maybe not looking at urs but must say u got some very very delicious recipes…also comment on all an like ur page…An would be looking forward to more in the future….An hope u do some easy Christmas sponge cake love it. I won’t do that again. Meanwhile, heat 2 tablespoons olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Done in 5 minutes! This was so easy to make and delicious. That’s a great idea! I'm Natasha Kravchuk. This is delicious. Bummer! It's especially perfect on those cold late fall and early winter nights. We are so happy you're here. I am a novice cook and have been trying many of Natasha’s recipes. FREE BONUS: 5 Secrets to Be a Better Cook! Everything was crispy and delicious! Hi Jamie, that should work fine to use yellow potatoes. Obviously I’ve had to learn to cook for myself. Also your web site lots up very fast! Made this with some smoked kielbasa and it was delicious… added a bit of cayenne and paprika for and extra kick. I JUST LOVE THE FLAVOR ONIONS GIVE TO POTATOES. Thank you for sharing. I would suggest using a pre-cooked kielbasa like the one photographed above. This sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing your great review with other readers Mary! I haven’t had that happen before. YUM! Thank you for that great review! Next time, I will also make smaller pieces, e.g. Slice the kielbasa into medallions. Made this tonight. Hi Brenda, I haven’t tried, but I think some thickly sliced onions would work well here. Whisk in the r… Love you and your recipes! Add enough water to not quite cover potatoes. This is a hearty meal in the air fryer that you can have ready in 30 minutes. I also stirred my dish halfway through cooking and nothing stocked. Delicious!! I’m all smiles! . I read the reviews and didn’t push the kielbasa on until halfway through and so far so good. Also, be sure to turn the mixture halfway for more even cooking and bake in the center of your oven. Thanks for sharing your fantastic review! I ended up covering it with foil. We donate them to a charity and they keep them frozen until they use them to feed at risk youth. I will definitely be preparing this again. I added a touch more garlic. Thanks for sharing Flo . Yum, that sounds delicious! Hopefully it will be good next time, it seems worth another shot. Added more garlic flavor and chives for garnish! I love this dinner. Mmm Crispy, sizzly, roasted potato and kielbasa goodness right there!! I’m sure everyone will love it! Can’t wait to try….. Yum! Ingredients 10-12 red potatoes, cubed 3 Tablespoons water 3/4 lb. lol thank you❤, You’re welcome, LOL! Thank you for sharing that review with me. I went a little Greek with this by replacing the parsley with oregano, added Cavender’s Greek Seasoning in place of salt/pepper, drizzled with a couple Tbsp. Hi Wendi, thank you for the wonderful review . Made this ..I used Portuguese chourico for the sausage…added chopped onions and yellow pepper strips…was fantastic..will make again and again. Hi. Beautiful, absolutely delish! Cover the pot and simmer for 10 minutes. Burned and garbage. Good enough. Thank you! Thank you so much for sharing that with me! As a rule, you should avoid red potatoes that have any hint of green color to them which happens when potatoes are exposed to light and can cause a bitter flavor. . I made it in the convection oven and didn’t have to flip anything! Cut potatoes into rings no larger than 1/2″ thick. For a side, I did corn on the cob rubbed with a little dijon mustard and maple syrup, which made for a nice contrast in flavor. The more you brown them, the better it will taste. I hope you love this roasted potatoes and kielbasa recipe! I think Corn on the cobb will be a perfect addition if you don’t want a side salad . Awww that’s the best! Shall be doubling the portions so I can spare some for the neighbors. I always set my timer way under time and adjust accordingly. Came across this recipe…and I’m making it right now. Step 2. potatoes 1/2″ cubes and kielbasa 3/4″ cubes. That sounds like a great idea for next time. 3 lbs small red potatoes, cut into 1/3″ to 1/2″ thick rings 2 Tbsp extra light olive oil (or any high heat cooking oil) 2 Tbsp minced fresh parsley, or 1/2 Tbsp dried parsley 1 tsp sea salt 2 garlic cloves, pressed 1 lb kielbasa, or sausage cut into 3/4″ thick rings (we used Polish kielbasa). Don't worry about a little bit of charring. Slice Kielbasa into 3/4″ thick rings. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper, or Silpat. OPA!! Delicious recipe. I’m a 71 year old widower whose wife passed away suddenly 7 years ago. SO simple to make and yet I know it’s full of flavor! I sent the recipe to my sister and (Polish) mother. That would work just fine . A family favorite!! So I ended up preparing it yesterday but I had to work and my husband didn’t cook it. Hey girl! Any details you could provide would be helpful in getting any popups removed. I’m happy to hear your whole family enjoys this recipe! 63 homemade recipes for kielbasa and potato from the biggest global cooking community! Would this work to prepare the night before, put in a 9 x 11 inch dish and reheat for a potluck the next morning? As a trial, I diced a small bit of Feta cheese and spread it over a corner section and baked for the last 10 minutes. You have a recipe for everything! I made this tonight fo4 dinner. Hi Elaine, it’s pretty much a full meal in one. That’s just awesome!! That’s so great! This recipe is great for a crowd! We call it Bubble and Squeak. My husband’s new favorite! Will definitely be making this again (probably tomorrow! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Hi Noni, it goes well with just about anything, but I love to pair it with something fresh like any cucumber, or cucumber/tomato or cucumber tomato avocado salad . I’ve never cooked with kielbasa before and am wondering – does the kielbasa have to be cooked before being baked in the oven? Thank you so much. Hi Robyn, I haven’t had that happen. I took this out of the oven at 35 minutes – the sausage was burned into black carbon discs – totally inedible. I am glad I read the comments and previous reviews. If one were to start out using minced garlic, what would the conversion be? Sounds like a good plan. Pour olive oil in a Dutch oven or frying pan and heat. These roasted potatoes with sausage couldn’t be easier; no need to peel the potatoes and it’s a one-pan potatoes recipe with a quick and easy prep. Another great recipe by you, I am impressed. I prepared this recipe for supper. That sounds delicious! I bought a little sack of tiny purple, white & red potatoes, halved them, mixed them with smoked andouille chicken sausage, sliced. I hope you love this recipe! But your dish did send neighbors my way—everyone on my floor who happened to feel hungry was talking about it: the scent was appealing. OMG…soooo good!! That’s so great! In addition, I like lots of savory flavor so I will add a good deal more onion, green pepper, black pepper and garlic than I did. Added 2 onions cut into large chunks….also added chunks of green pepper same size as onion..tossed with lawrys salt free 17 spice mix..then sprinkled with Himalayan salt..tossed with evoo then baked..good results..tasty.. I’m so glad you enjoyed that. My pleasure Carrie! Kielbasa was dried to a crisp. I’ve made this recipe and love it…I also added a couple of peeled and cored apples that needed to be used up. I tried this recipe and I expected a great dish but was disappointed. Add potatoes; cook and stir until lightly browned, 3-5 minutes. Thank you for sharing that with us! Thanks for sharing your great review! Looking forward to tying this recipe today. Hi Lori, they will work as long as they are cut the same thickness. Love quick easy cheap meals, being a first time mama it helps! The only modification I made was to add the garlic with 5 minutes to go so it didn’t burn. I’ve been making this recipe, well let’s say variation of this recipe, once a week. Get weekly updates on new recipes, exclusive giveaways plus behind the scenes photos. Pat boiled red potatoes for 8 mins and that cut the cooking time in half. Garnish with fresh parsley if desired. I agree with others if you are using precooked kielbasa put it in later or turn cooking time down. Thank you. Good Going Natasha . Can you give me some more details – what is popping up? My potatoes stuck to the pan! Literally so easy! Yum, great suggestion Peter! Now I’m waiting for a lot of instant pot recipes on your site! I love this recipe! Easy to do, tastes amazing, and makes everyone happy. I barely snapped a pic before my family cleared the whole pan. 45 minutes is way too long. I’m happy to hear you enjoy the recipe! Cover I add whatever vegetables I have in hand, it’s equally delicious with mix of carrots, swede and sweet potatoes. Those golden coins just call my name! Oops…meant pre-boil. I wonder if maybe the rings of kielbasa were cut too thin or if the pan was too close to the heating element. This will be a go to meal when pressed for prep time. I added a red and yellow pepper and lemon pepper seasonings to add a little more flavor. I’m glad to hear that Brenda! Or maybe dry ranch dressing mix? Easy and yummy. I’m happy to hear how much you enjoy the recipe. I’m going to try this tonight. Hi! Hi natasha. That’s great! Thanks for the recipe!! It’s an old one by WEAR EVER and is marked 88-3, Ahh this looks sooooo good. Just made this, it was sooo good! . Can I am getting your affiliate link for your host? Aww thank you Rajesh! Thank you so much for your help with that! What I like about this recipe, it’s good as is or a person can add any number of vegetables or cheeses, mushrooms and the list goes on to tune it the way you want it. Cut up the cabbage, potato, and onion and place them in the slow cooker. This is one of those recipes that is incredibly tempting to sample away until there’s not much left (I’m speaking from experience here). Leftovers are great mixed into eggs too! Sorry, that ruins to one dish concept, doesn’t it? Kielbasa Green Bean and Potato Casserole Kielbasa, green beans and potatoes blend together to make this wonderful and comforting casserole–and the slow cooker does all the work! DIRECTIONS. Read my disclosure policy. Just found your website – I love it. It came out great and it looks perfect! Hi, I have made this before and my hubby loved it ! YUM! And the only potatoes I had were russets. I can imagine that smell. In fact I only use uncooked Kielbasa. DIRECTIONS Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Delicious! I made this dish 2 nights ago with the tomato cucumber avocado salad, and the garlic lemon aioli. Hey this is just a question, can we use yellow potatoes instead of red? Hi Yuliya, my children usually dictate the type of sauce And they love either ranch, fry sauce (equal parts ketchup and mayo), or this avocado ranch is a favorite in our house . And the photos are gorgeous! Think I will “pre-boil” for about 10 minutes, cool to slice easier, and then throw them in with the potatoes. I substituted russet potatoes. So an extra thanks: my family (including my little ones) loved this, but I know I can make extra for my neighbors who no longer cook. It sounds like you have a new favorite, Karianne! That sounds lovely! Thank you for sharing this awesome review with us, Tamara! I’m looking for dishes I can cook and then freeze. If potatoes are tiny baby red potatoes, you can half or quarter them so they are no larger than 1/2" thick. I’m glad the whole family loves the recipe Kira! Thank you for sharing; I’ll definitely be making this again! , Yumm. No flare. That sounds great Ann! Could I prep this and freeze it for a busy night? You’re so nice! And you’re right in this busy holiday season it’s nice to have options for quick and delicious meals. I’m all smiles! Hi Vicki, absolutely! The combination tasted great! I only have russet potatoes and I really want to make this. I’m looking forward to making this. Fish Tacos Recipe with Best Fish Taco Sauce! Spread onto baking sheet and bake at 400˚F for 45-50 minutes or until potatoes are browned an crisp. Braised Kielbasa, Potatoes and Cabbage Recipes, Food and Cooking onion, cabbage, oil, kielbasa, water, pepper, garlic, salt, potatoes Kielbasa & Potatoes in Cheese Sauce The Midnight Baker salt, kielbasa sausage, chopped onion, flour, process cheese spread and 7 more Adding sausage or kielbasa makes this an easy dinner idea, but it can also be served as breakfast or a most satisfying appetizer paired with a dipping sauce. ALL ARE GREAT. See more ideas about cooking recipes, recipes, sausage recipes. Spread onto baking … Made it last night. Made this for supper tonight, and it was delicious. How to make POTATO KIELBASA SOUP Step 1. I hope you enjoy it and please let us know how it goes. Hi D, I wonder if maybe you just underseasoned it? Thank you for sharing that with all of us Charles! Are you using a non-stick pan? My grandparents cooked a lot with kielbasa. It was so easy. Hi Karen! Thanks for sharing Crystal . One of my go to recipes, always a family pleaser!! I’m happy to hear you enjoy the recipe! I am Natasha, the blogger behind Natasha's Kitchen (since 2009). You would probably want to thaw before re-warming. A definite keeper. Maybe it’s the source of the potatoes, or have you tried different sources? Do you have any tips on keeping the potatoes from tasting bitter? Thank you for the wonderful review, Charles!
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