In the end -- they will pay! I saw no good reason for them to have access to my personal income figures so I didn't sign and they closed my account . Your company is better then that.   Discover was an innovator when it launched in 1986, with its no annual fee and cash back rewards program. I called to re-instate the previous amount. Find 2 listings related to Discover Card in Charlotte on merchandise mailed to me, not even my name or my order. If you do not have this information, you will not be able to activate the card at this time. The third time I again was disconnected. To make a Discover card payment, log in to your online account or call 1 (800) 347-2683. I called in because I'm now taking care of my mother's accounts and received something from Discover in regards to my father. It's easy, convenient and secure. I was making my September 2016 payment via their (then) Western Union collaboration free payments process -- when it gets rejected as 'no longer being in effect' between the two companies. Box 6103 Carol Stream, Illinois 60197-6103. In August, I received notice that the amount I could borrow was being reduced unless I requested otherwise. Then, I finally get to the "Great Big (electrically lit)'DISCOVER ATM' Sign" -- only to learn it isn't really a Discover ATM at all (just an advertisement for DISCOVER) and I could not make my payment there. Unbelievable, In-Professional Customer Service all the way up the chain,Rude,etc....I am a 10% Disabled Veteran, I called to ask if they would "Please" move the due date to the 30th because I get paid by the Government every month on this day and they say they could if I pay 108.00 dollars my next bill reads payments were the minimum of 167.00 per month now they go and jack me with this....I have never been late "NOT ONCE" and now I'm on the verge of "Bankruptcy" because of this "Lying Discover Company" ....You got to be kidding when they "Advertise" that they take care of their customers..."BS"...They are the worst bunch of "Lying" people!!!! WalletHub is not a financial advisor, law firm, “lawyer referral service,” or a substitute for a financial advisor, attorney, or law firm. I too had the rudest individual. Stop sponsoring Bee. Find 1 listings related to Discover Card in Carol Stream on Box 6103 By the way your Fraud Dept says once you give a service your card number to use, they can charge dozens of times to this card even though it is FRAUD. Your credit card issuer will send important documents or replacement card to the address on file, be sure they have the correct address on file for you. Are we connected to some prison inmates that are working for your company? A telltale sign that this is a phishing email is that the email address of the sender was one that has nothing to do with Discover and was most likely part of a botnet of computers infected by scammers and then used to send out the phishing email in a way that is not readily traceable back to the scammer. Find 5 listings related to Discover Card Payment in Cincinnati on Do not offer any personal information in your comments. A customer cannot even contact your corporate officers directly to voice our concerns. A letter is to follow as well. And, I am going to make certain the issue is publically reported........ lookup fair debt collections act sec 809 validation of debts. You have lost me. How We Work If you can't find this address, mail your check to: Discover Financial Services P.O. For all general inquiries not to do with payment, mail Discover Financial Services, PO Box 6103, Carol Stream, IL, 60197. What a difference. THEY BASICALLY SAID SUCK IT UP. Discover Financial Services P.O. Mail) letters to the CEO and COO of Discover regarding this most toxic incident (which was recorded by both their call center -- and me) delineating their absurd and assaultive treatment of me -- and their liability for my stroke and resulting disabilities therefrom.They will pay! People speak up--call them or write them with your complaints--that's how change will happen. The Primary cardmember is the person who originally opened the Discover card account. There is also an email address for Discover gift cards: P.O. If you would like assistance registering, please call 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683). I also had the rudest person do nothing for me. they are all doing this. Seems after 2 years, they were calling me a liar. Really, this Discover's customer service?
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